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  • 8/21/2020
Dubbed the "Little West" in the heart of beautiful Vung Tau, Tu Phuong That Dao eco-tourism area is a destination for those who love the beauty of the West with pure white rice and want to enjoy relaxation. in beautiful small boats running along the river.

1 / Move to Tu Phuong That Dao by what means?

Tu Phuong That Dao Ecotourism Area is located on 09N, Long Phuoc, Ba Ria City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, 8km from Vung Tau city center.

If you go from Vung Tau or Saigon, you can move to Coopmart Ba Ria, then run towards Long Phuoc, to Long Phuoc Commune Welcome Gate to Phuoc Huu junction (pass through Duong Van Manh secondary school 50m) ; turn right on Phuoc Huu street to cross the year Long Dien. At the intersection of the Welcome Gate at Phuoc Huu Hamlet, you can see the sign of Tu Phuong That Dao.

2 / Cost to enter Tu Phuong That Dao Ecological Area

Tu Phuong That Dao tourist area has free admission tickets, you and your family can enjoy the tour. In addition, you can also rent a hut for free, however, if you want to stay overnight, you will have to pay 150,000 VND / adult / night and 150,000 VND / child / night. This cost includes fun activities such as: dinner with 5 buffet dishes, campfire camping.

3 / Discover the idyllic and idyllic beauty of Tu Phuong That Dao

Officially operating in 2016, but after only 3 years, Tu Phuong That Dao eco-tourism area has become a frequent destination for those who love the rustic beauty of the countryside.

Surrounded by immense rice fields and forest of fruit trees and breeding with a total area of ​​22,000m2, Tu Phuong That Dao consists of 7 artificial islands located on a trapezoidal strip of land, surrounded by a clear lake with an area of area of ​​4,000m2.

The first impression when coming to Tu Phuong That Dao is the wild, idyllic beauty with leaf huts built in the middle of the lake, poetic bridges "gliding" across the river or the image of the swan playing freely. preening.

What could be better than when in the midst of a charming landscape, let alone listen to birds, frogs or chickens crowing, and faintly hear the scent of rice and mud, all recalling many old memories poem.

In particular, Tu Phuong That Dao ecotourism area has a very poetic lotus lake. Every time the lotus blooms, a pink-green cover creates a rare dream of "the West of the river".

4 / What to play to Tu Phuong That Dao?

Fruit picking at the garden: Built in the model of an eco-tourism area combined with agriculture, Tu Phuong That Dao has an orchard of about 3 hectares wide, planting all kinds of seasonal trees: rambutan, guava, Plums, mangosteen, breast milk, ... Especially, the fruits here are grown according to standards, do not use pesticides, so you can enjoy the fruit right at the garden.

- Visit the zoo animal husbandry: Coming to Tu Phuong That Dao, you will visit the hedgehog farm, chicken, wild boar, rabbit, Phu Quoc dog farm, pigeons and a variety of fish ponds: catfish, snakehead , carp, tilapia, carp, ...

- "Transformed" into a true farmer: In addition to visiting and enjoying the charming beauty here, you will be able to try to be a farmer with activities such as feeding chickens, ducks, slapping ditch catching fish, picking fruits, fishing, looking frogs, gardening, growing and harvesting vegetables ...

- Rowing on the river: Just spend 20k / boat / 3 people, you can enjoy rowing on the river, enjoy the wind and take super deep pictures!

- Camping, fire overnight: In the midst of a charming night scene of the river region, holding barbecue parties, camp fire overnight, what else is better?

5 / What to eat at Tu Phuong That Dao?

The specialties of Tu Phuong That Dao are the culinary dishes of the country caught and picked from the field such as stir-fried bronze frogs, roasted copper shrimp, grilled pork belly, grilled chicken, snails cooked with banana, ... More special , when the ingredients of these folk delicacies will be captured, caught, and collected by themselves.

In addition, after eating, you can enjoy snacks for dessert right from the orchard at Tu Phuong That Dao.

Food prices here are also quite stable: free-range chicken 110,000 VND / kg (unprocessed), hot pot price range 150,000 - 200,000 VND, snakehead fish / carp: 50,000 VND / kg, ...

Too interesting, isn't it? What are you waiting for, together with Kito Villa for renting a villa in Vung Tau, what are the plans for a trip to discover "the Little West" in the heart of Vung Tau city?

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