• Administrator
  • 8/21/2020
Listed as one of the 15 largest festivals in the country, the Dinh Than Thang Tam festival held at Dinh Than Thang Tam attracts thousands of visitors from far and wide each year. Dinh Than Thang Tam is a Buddhist architectural complex with 3 relics: Dinh Than Thang Tam, Nam Hai mausoleum, Ba Ngu Hanh shrine. This is also a place to worship 3 people who have contributed to the establishment of 3 Thang villages in Vung Tau: Mr. Pham Van Dinh, Ngo Van Huyen and Le Van Loc.
In addition to the traditional procession ceremony, the Dinh Than Thang Tam festival also organizes many folk games such as lion dance, opera, attracting nearly 5,000 tourists in 3 days.

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