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  • 8/21/2020
The most well-known travel website in the world, Tripadvisor, presented the coveted accolade of "Travellers' Choice 2023" to La Nueva Boutique Hotel & Spa on May 12, 2021. La Nueva Boutique Hotel & Spa, which is situated on No. 32 Lo Su St. in the heart of the capital and boasts cutting-edge amenities, neoclassical architecture, and exceptional service quality, has established itself as one of the best local service providers and has quickly risen to the top 1% of the world's best travel companies. Furthermore, Estrella Skybar and Momento Restaurant, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Hoan Kiem Lake and modern mixology art, have developed into a premier gathering place for the entertainment community.
 With the unsurpassed location, thoughtful hotel's features, neoclassical architectural design 
and exceptional service quality, La Nueva Boutique Hotel quickly entered top 1% of the best travel businesses worldwide
Established in 2002, “Travellers’ Choice 2021 Best of the Best” is the most credible and prestigious award of not only Tripadvisor but also the entire travel industry as it is evaluated based on millions of trustworthy reviews and feedbacks from an extensive network of travel enthusiasts and gurus worldwide. With a strict evaluation system and a well-formulated set of criteria, “Travellers’ Choice 2023” is only awarded to the top 1% of travel properties earning excellent reviews, satisfaction and trust from customers on the platform, which reflects “the best of the best” of the service quality and experience that customers perceive of the businesses. Accordingly, “Travellers’ Choice 2023” is undeniably the most desirable recognition to every travel firm.

Estrella Sky Bar with contemporary mixology art and a spectacular panoramic view over Hoan Kiem Lake
We sincerely appreciate and recognize that without each and every one of our devoted clients, we could not have succeeded. In addition to putting your faith in us and choosing to use our service over many others, you took the time to provide us with your insightful feedback. This was extremely important for us as a service provider and experience creator because it allowed us to look back on the flaws in our service, improve its caliber, and make your stay even more memorable. All of our cherished visitors deserve our deepest gratitude for their unwavering confidence in and support of us. We pledge to uphold La Nueva's core values, improve our services, and advance the service sector with our unwavering devotion to help create a better travel environment for visitors and win over the hearts of all patrons looking for memorable and distinctive hospitality experiences.

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